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LinkBack - project management portal

This is the Plone-based portal created by Link srl in order to support the collaborative management of several projects

This portal, based on a plain Plone 3 platform, is maintained by Link srl, a small company based in Rome, Italy.
Basically it is a kind of "intranet" supporting the collaboration among a number of partners that behave as a net enterprise.


A user group and a top-level folder are associated to each project. (Only) members of each group have access to the associated top-level folder.


Our recent portfolio is based on Open Source software, mainly the Plone platform. The image to the left is representative of our "old" portfolio, that it of web sites and web applications developed years ago on proprietary platforms: see also our new "official" web site and the old site that we keep just for documentation.

The public section on Plone products was added  for presenting a number of Plone products whose ideas and code could be shared with the Plone community.

For any information, please contact Giovanni Toffoli:  toffoli [at] linkroma [dot] it.